Transworld Investment & Securities Limited is a limited liability company incorporated in the year 1988 with an authorized Paid up share capital of N1.5 Billion and fully paid up capital of 500 Million. 

The company is a registered dealing member of the Nigerian Stock Exchange and Abuja Securities & Commodity Exchange licensed to trade in Shares, Stocks, Bond and commodities. It is also registered as a Capital Market operator in accordance with SEC. Decree No. 29 of 1988 to operate as Broker.

The company is set up on a basis of professionalism, Integrity and Commitment towards excellence and consistent with the enabling laws of the land.

The company is also a member of the Nigerian – South African Chamber of Commerce (NSACC) and Registration with U.S Commercial Service.

The management of the company is run by a board made up of people of integrity and professionals in their respective discipline.

At Transworld, we manage portfolios for a broad range of clients, including private investors, corporate institutions, funds, charities and foundations, governments and parastatals.

Every client begins their relationship with Transworld with a discovery process and in-depth dialogue to identify all the factors surrounding and defining the client’s wealth. We talk at length to determine your objectives, your attitude to risk, the client’s short and long-term goals and concerns, the structure of your holdings and your investment time frame.

With our expertise, global partners, research and investment processes, we aim at creating wealth and expanding the range of possibilities in your life and also expanding the possibilities in your portfolio.